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Touch Screen Cash Register

When you are in business, especially if you are in the retail business, you want to be able to cope with busy days at work with a cash register that works fast, accurately and efficiently. You would obviously look for ease of operation and minimum stress and strain on your brain and hands. A touch screen cash register would be the ideal solution for your business needs.



The first specifications to look at when buying a touch screen cash register would be the speed, memory and hard disk space……these registers essentially have an internal computer system. It should ideally incorporate the latest PC technology and should allow peripheral connectivity.

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Retail-specific powered interfaces for printers, scales, scanners, magnetic card readers and customer displays, among other features would definitely facilitate efficient business operations. It is important to have memory that can be upgraded at least up to 1 GB easily. Hard disk space should be of at least 20 GB.

Touch screen cash register systems with 15 inch TFT screens for wider viewing angles make for easier entry operations. An adjustable mount would ensure easier navigation for operators with just a slight touch of the finger and would reduce the time factor during point of sale.  

Effective touch screen cash registers should help you to grow your business, especially if you are in the general retail industry, grocery business, salon business, convenience store business, hospitality industry and kiosk operations.  

If you want the latest touch screen register system you could consider getting a terminal which eliminates moving parts like a CPU and power supply fan, thereby reducing your maintenance costs and of course, increasing the return on your investment. These terminals have an integrated LCD touch screen with a 0 to 60 degree viewing angle. These terminals can be easily configured with your Point of Sale application requirements.



Other options open to you when looking at touch screen registers will include a ROM-based touch screen solution. You can get it with a 15 inch TFT dual backlight touch screen display. You can also select round or normal edged buttons. This cash register will provide you with built in stock control facilities and customer invoicing with customer information printed. Built in graphical buttons can be customized by BMP file. 

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If you want a touch screen cash register for the hospitality business, such as a restaurant or bar, you will find the ROM-based touch screen solution the ideal choice. The graphical buttons serve to facilitate speed and ease of operation.

The table plan option, linked to customer invoice if required, streamlines room and table management. Some systems also have buttons which enable a quick sign-on for the clerk. It will also enable you to calculate labor cost, along with time and attendance.  

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So if you are looking for touch screen cash registers for your business, you now have a wide variety of options available to you, thanks to the development of touch screen technology. You can now find options that are easy to use and contribute to your successful business.